Friday, March 23, 2012


Too cold you say? We say nay! McGillycuddy's has brought in outdoor space heaters! So come on by next week for some trivia action on McGillycuddy's massive patio!


....HEY KIDS! Check out the fun being had on the patio with MKE's best dancing bartender!

This weeks winners, team CENSORED...


We had to censor their faces as well. Trust me, if you'd seen em you'd do the same!
And... Bernie Madoff Can Eat My Fannie Mae, first week at McGillycuddy's and a 2nd place finish.....not too shabby!


For the second week in a row the always crude and never bearable, team CENSORED pulled off the W. Next week all teams will be gunning for this crew, including team Bernie Madoff Can Eat My Fannie Mae who took home second place in their first visit to McGillycuddy's Quizmaster Trivia! Hopefully they make the long trek from Marquette's campus a regular occurrence! And last, but by no means least, team The 5 Second Rule Does Not Apply To Dropping Babies took home the best team name, however I tend to disagree....

Come in next week for Milwaukee's best drink specials on Tuesday nights: $3 Jamo, $4 tall Three Olives mixers, and $7 domestic pitchers. And don't forget, Quizmaster Trivia from 8 to 10!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Tuesday March 20th, 2012 scores:

  1. 52 CENSORED
  2. 47 Bernie Madoff Can Eat My Fannie Mae
  3. 45 F*ck the Monkees, F*ck Soccer, F*ck The Roddy Piper Hallelujah Holy Sh*t, I Need An Asprin
  4. 42 Cleveland Steamers
  5. 42 Two Guys, A Girl, And An Abortion
  6. 43 What Is The Hardest Part About Being A Pedophile? Fitting In?
  7. 40 The 5 Second Rule Does Not Apply To Dropping Babies
  8. 23 Gone Sasquatching


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